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Why a Country Club is the Ideal Wedding Venue

When you are ready to plan your wedding, trying to find a venue to hold your special day can be a huge choice. Here at the Club, we can provide everything you need to host the wedding of your dreams. A country club is a classic venue that is very luxurious and accessible, which is why they have been becoming more and more favored! Continue reading below to see why our Club is where you should host your wedding!

We Are a One-Stop-Shop For all Your Wedding Needs!

Our Club provides you with everything you need to host a perfect wedding! From the ceremony to the reception to the scenic photo opportunities, we truly provide it all! This allows our property to be your one stop shop for the whole day. Our Club offers catering service, cocktail and banquet tables, linen, various napkin colors, silverware, and more! We also have different packages that you may choose between to customize your special day. We have a very spacious property with different rooms you can host your wedding in, including outdoor options! This allows us to make sure your wedding feels special whether it’s a micro wedding or 300+! Another wonderful reason to have your wedding at a country Club is to utilize our bridal suite! Some venues may not have a space for you to get ready in, but here at the Club we have a space for you and your bridal party to get your make-up and hair done while celebrating with some bubbly!

Club Memberships Are Not Required!

The best part about getting married at a Country Club is that you don’t even need to be a member of the Club to enjoy the hospitality. This allows couples to enjoy the luxury feel of the property while having a private space to themselves to celebrate. Who knows, after your big day, you may decide to become a member!

We Offer Various Locations for Photos

We know just how important getting the perfect wedding photos are on your special day. Luckily for you, the Club has various indoor and outdoor spaces in which you can capture memories. Our golf course layout will provide natural beauty for your photos and outdoor ceremony space. Our onsite horticulturist works hard to maintain the floral around the Club to give more beauty to the grounds. Hosting your wedding at the Club will allow your photos to have gorgeous backdrops with luscious green land and our unique architecture will provide an ideal silhouette.

Indoor & Outdoor Ceremony Locations

Indoor, outdoor, or both! The Club multiple locations you may choose from for your wedding ceremony. Most chose both; hold your ceremony outside take the party inside! Select between our indoor or outdoor ceremony spaces that are both stunning in their own unique ways. Don’t worry about the weather because we offer a backup ceremony option just in case the weather is not cooperating. Since we offer both locations for ceremonies, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful service even if it rains.

Professional Friendly Staff

Our Club has been planning weddings for years and years! This makes the staff experts in what they do to help you along in your planning process. We work with you to make sure that every detail is in place, your meal choices are perfect, and ensure that your day will run smoothly. If you have any questions about your wedding, you can call our Catering Team and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our Banquet Staff are also trained specialists in executing your event and our whole team is here for you and will help you in any way possible.

Fabulous Onsite Catering & Bar Service

With the stress of planning hundreds of details, our team will ensure catering is a fun and enjoyable experience. Our Club provides multiple hors d’oeuvres, stationary displays, salads, entrées, desserts, and late-night bite options that are prepared by our skilled banquet chefs! All you need to do is choose your entrée and salad choices at your tasting and make a few additional selections. It’s as easy as that! We also have several bar packages to choose from that offer different types of liquor. Here at the Club, we want you to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible and not have to worry about a single thing.


You may not be thinking too much about parking when choosing your wedding venue, however if you plan on having a large wedding then it may be something to consider. Our Club offers ample parking, so you don’t have to worry about your guests trying to find a spot.

At the Club we are determined to make your wedding stand out and work with you to plan a day to remember! When you’re ready to tour our gorgeous Club and start planning, please reach out to us at